Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu for Thursday 3/4-Wednesday 3/10

I had to sit down and redo my menu for the week today. I underestimated the fact that I was really sick of ham last week and when I made the original menu, I based a lot of recipes off of the belief that I was going to make ham and potato soup again. I DID include it now for the rest of the week and into next week however. My menu for the next 6 days is based on items I already have in my house. After yesterdays Rainbow trip and the extremely full freezer I currently have, there is no reason for me to get anything from the store except bananas (we got through 6-8 pounds of bananas a week in this house!).

I should briefly explain how I do my menu. I don't have a day-by-day menu. I pick 6-7 meals for lunch and dinner and then each day, I choose from that menu what we're going to have. I find that to be easier for me because I might not necessarily want what I'd written down for that day. The meals I have on here are in no particular order.

Cold Cereal
Hot Cereal
Chocolate Chip pancakes (these are leftovers and we'll actually finish them tomorrow morning)
**We pretty much eat the same things for breakfast. I have a HUGE stockpile of cereal from coupons and sales so that's what our breakfast mainly consists of. I try to cook breakfast once a week.

Egg Salad sandwiches w/strawberries and pineapple and chips
Leftover pulled pork sandwiches (which were made on Wednesday of this week) and veggies***
Ham and Cheese omelette's and toast
Ham and Potato soup (made from leftover hambone from last week)
Chicken Quesadillas and corn
Leftover homemade Cheeseburger Helper and green beans
***I keep a pretty good stockpile of frozen veggies and we almost always have frozen veggies with lunches and dinners. It just depends on what we have and what we're in the mood for.

Santa Fe Rice and Beans***
Leftover pulled pork sandwiches and veggies
Cheeseburger Helper and veggies
Turkey, potatoes and veggies
Chicken Tacos<~~I will make this after the Santa Fe Rice and Beans and use the leftovers from that to make these.
Leftover Turkey and veggies
****I try to make one non-meat meal a week.

Homemade banana bread
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Animal Crackers*
*For my daughter, my husband and I don't eat too many of these items.

My husband brings leftovers or sandwiches for his dinners at work.

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