Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Have you heard of People String? I hadn't until now, but you can earn MONEY!

My friend tuned me in to this new networking site. I was really hesitant to join it at first because I hadn't heard of it but she did research on it and couldn't find ANYTHING negative about it. So then I did a bit of research too and it seems pretty legit! They are trying to compete with the big boys apparently--facebook, myspace (is that a big boy anymore though?), twitter, etc.

You actually get paid to be on here. You earn $0.10 just for signing up and for every friend who signs up under you, you earn $0.50. You can also earn points and money by clicking on advertisements around the site, signing into the site and checking your email. I think there is a max to how many friends you get paid for, from what I researched, it's 100. But at $0.50 a pop, that's $50!!!

I also just found out that you earn points for searching and those points add up and you get a percentage of the sites advertising revenue, which is tracked by your people points. Um, sign me up!!! I think this sounds really great and while I'm a little sick of social networking sites, if you pay me, I'll come! :D

Sign up today to start earning money: Earn Money on People String!!


  1. Interesting. I heard of a site like this a few years ago - but never tried it. I wonder how much "richer" I'd be by now if I'd tried?! lol

  2. ha-ha. Yeah, I didn't do it at first because it sounded too weird. But I did some research (because some day I'll be a teacher and I'm a big dork lol) and it is actually legit!! I figure, if it's free, just like swagbucks is, what is the worst thing that can happen? Nothing, and I'll be right where I started :D If it doesn't take a ton of extra time on my part and it's easy (because I'm technologically impaired) then I'm sold and so far, it is those things!!