Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AWESOME Rainbow deals today!

For those you who don't know, Rainbow Foods does Double Days on Wednesday and Saturdays. They'll double 5 coupons, up to $1 as long as before sales and coupons your total equals $25 or more. Well since I discovered Rainbow Foods coupon deals, they are where I do my shopping (aside from Aldi). I'm a loyal customer now!!
Well, this week there were some fabulous deals!! I had to share. They were so great in fact, that I went twice!
Red indicates store sale
Purple indicates my coupon

First Trip
Kraft Miracle Whip
*On sale for 2/$6
*$1.00 coupon from Cub Foods ad (manufacturer coupon) doubled to $2.00. 
7 boxes General Mill cereal
*Buy 7 boxes, get $7 off automatically + 3 gallons of free milk
*3 $1 coupons, doubled equaled $6 off plus I had 2 $2 coupons so in total I got $8 off my cereal bill. 
2 Oscar Meyer Deli Meat
*On sale for 2/$6
*$1/2 coupon doubled to $2 
2.65 lbs of bananas
*In store coupon made them $1.88
2 pounds butter
*In store coupon made them $1.28 each
Duracell battery 9-V (husband called at last minute to ask for this)

Total= $26.10

Amount saved= $30.26

Plus, when I was leaving the store, Pioneer Press (one of our local newspapers) had a stand in the front of the store for a drawing for a $250.00 Rainbow gift card. They also had a deal on the paper for $7 and some change every month to receive Thursday-Sunday PLUS you got a $10.00 Rainbow gift card right then and there. I had been thinking of subscribing to the paper so I signed up and got $10!!

Second Trip (that $10 was burning a hole in my pocket!)
5 cans diced tomatoes
*In store sale 5/$3.50
2 cans tomato sauce
*In store sale $0.75 each
6 boxes General Mills Cereal
*Buy 6 get $10 off at register
*2 $1/3 doubled to $4. The cashier also had a $2 off General Mills cereal and he scanned that so coupons savings totaled $6. 
2 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags
*1 coupon $1/2 (made the baggies $0.89 each!!)
Oscar Meyer Bacon
*In store coupon brought the price from $5.69 to $2.88
4 bags Kraft Cheese
*2 Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons
****Plus, with the purchase of the cheese and bacon, I got a coupon for a dozen free eggs. 
Activia Yogurt
*On sale for $2.00
*$1 off (a do not double coupon)
2 1/2 gallons of Tropicana OJ
*On sale for $2.49 each. 
*$1/2 coupon, doubled to $2 off. 

Total= $22.85
-$10.00 Rainbow Giftcard

Total out of pocket=$12.85

Total Saved= $38.63

Both Rainbow trips put together totaled: $38.95

Total saved between both trips: $68.89 (Although technically it would be $78.89 because of that $10!)

Plus, technically, we truly didn't need any groceries. Thanks to stockpiling, I could shop out of my pantry for several weeks. At this point, thanks to my build up of meat (Last week I got about 10 more pounds of boneless, skinless chicken because it was $1.66 a pound!) and making all of my own flour products, at this point all we do is buy dairy, veggies, fruits and canned items. I really could have gone this week without anything though if I'd needed to.

The power of stockpiling and meal planning! :)

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