Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you swag? If not, you could be earning FREE money (for real)

Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but swag bucks is really great!! When I first heard about it I thought to myself, NO...FREAKING...WAY. That has to be fake or a scam. But it's actually not. These kinds of things usually are, or they almost never actually pay out, or you have to invest something up front. Swag bucks you don't have to do any of those things. It's just a search engine that you use. You can either download the search bar (which I did to remind me to use it and to make it easier to use) or you can just search from the swagbucks website. You earn swagbucks for your searches...not all your searches, just randomly (or so it seems random to me!). They also have swag hunts and special codes that will earn your swag bucks. When you hit a certain amount of swag bucks, you can turn them in for prizes or gift cards. I personally use mine to get giftcards because you can get SO much off of So far, I have earned $15 in Amazon giftcards. Seriously, I have $15 in FREE giftcards for doing essentially nothing. I don't spend hours and hours of my day on swagbucks, and I don't do anything extra. Let's face it, I have a kiddo to take care of. I did it while I was working full time too. In fact, that is when I started and earned my first $10 in gift cards.

A few tips I have found useful for swagging:

*Don't get discouraged!! Remember, it's free so if you don't get any for a few hours or a day, who cares right?
*Search for the websites you would usually go instead of typing them into your regular URL bar. For example, when I want to go to my Yahoo mail, I type "yahoo" into my swagbucks search bar. I usually get in between 20 and 40 swagbucks a day just for that (yup, I check my email way too often).
*Keep an eye on the widget. I've gotten some pretty good swagcodes from that!
*Join them on facebook!
*And most of all, have fun and don't have super high expectations. If you think you're going to get rich quick, it's not going to happen. It's just a fun, free thing to do to earn some extra money or prizes. I'm personally saving my gift cards for Christmas and birthday presents!!

If you think it sounds great (which you SHOULD because it IS great!!) then click here:
Search & Win

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