Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have a confession: I love froofy coffee drinks!

We're moving in two days and the majority of my food is packed. Sure, I have meat and veggies in my freezer but you have to take the meat out ahead of time. Which I did. When I went to Rainbow Foods, I bought two of the beef roasts at $1.99 a pound and I left one out. I know that doesn't jive with my menu for the week, but when you're moving, things change at last minute! It was easier to leave the roast out then to take the ham out! I put the roast in the crockpot late today and when it was getting close to dinner time, I couldn't stick a fork in even halfway. So we had a choice. Cheese omelettes or go out to eat. ::sigh:: You know I didn't choose the thrifty route. I didn't want an omelette! I wanted to go out to eat. Which is extremely unthrifty of course. I could have gone to the store and bought tons and tons of groceries for the $31.00 I spent on myself, my mom and my daughter to go out to eat. That's not too bad for three people, plus we got free pie because we waited so long. Does that count as being thrifty? :)

Moving is such a pain in the butt. I left out enough cupboard stuff to get us through until Saturday. My meal plan is shot to heck for the week because at the end of the day, after packing, tripping over boxes, stressing about the move and dealing with this horrible cold, sometimes I just don't want something on the menu! Being thrifty in this world can be tough. Following my meal plan can be tough. Not breaking down and going out to eat can be TOUGH. Obviously, tonight, I succumbed! Which is not always a bad thing. In the world of being thrifty, you have to make sure you have money for fun. You have to have some wiggle room and sometimes you have to go to Bakers Square, have a ridiculously overpriced and unhealthy meal and not come home and feel guilty about it.

That is one major lesson I've learned in my thrifty, frugal journey. Even as a stay at home mom with no income right now, I still go out and treat myself to Starbucks sometimes. I L-O-V-E fancy coffee drinks. LOVE THEM. So that is what I spend at least half of my blow money on. And you know what? That's okay. It's okay even when you're being super thrifty to splurge on some things. Should you let it get out of control or overspend? Definitely not! It's a good idea to set aside a certain amount of money for you to spend on yourself each month. My husband gets $40 a month and I get $30. THEN, for every 8 hours of overtime he works, we each get an extra $10. He likes to get junky stuff at the gas station. I like froofy coffee drinks. I'm thinking I'm going to start saving $5 or $10 a month because I want a Cricut really bad. It will take me a really long time to save up for it, and I would definitely buy it on craigslist but could you imagine buying something, even something small, after saving for like 10 months? How much would you just love that item?!? Quite a bit, I imagine. In this world of instant gratification, that is a feeling that people feel less and less these days! 

So, while I love staying home and I love being thrifty (really, I do!) and saving money, sometimes, I am going to go out to eat and get an overpriced turkey and avocado sandwich. Sometimes, I'm going to buy a ridiculously froofy coffee drink, and you know what else? I'm going to enjoy it!


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    I totally agree. I am a frugalista but set aside some money each month to do little fun things with the kids and get a latte or 2 for me!


  2. Yup, mmm gotta have that Latte! :)

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