Saturday, March 6, 2010

Celebrating a birthday and keepin' it cheap!

My father in laws birthday was a few days ago and we invited him over for dinner for his birthday. Pre-thrifty me, I would have gone out and bought a whole grocery bag full of stuff and made dinner or even worse, we would have spent $50 going out to eat. Good gosh, $50....I can't even IMAGINE doing that anymore. So here is the breakdown of what we're having:

3 Pound Boneless turkey-Free from Rainbow for purchasing a ham (it also came with gravy mixings)
Mashed potatoes- a 5 lb bag of potatoes was on sale at Rainbow last week for $0.79 and we're only using probably 1 lb of potatoes today
Some frozen veggie, probably corn- Got on sale and with a coupon for $0.67 at Rainbow if I remember correctly

I made a chocolate cake from scratch which I've NEVER done before. I also made the frosting from scratch. I had all the ingredients around the house. It LOOKS like it's going to be good...if it is, I'll post the recipe! Heck, I even had some birthday candles from a while ago! Pre-thrifty me, I would have gone to Byerly's and spend $20-$40 on a cake. CRAZY!!

Even the gift we bought him wasn't bad. We went to Kohls and they had those neat digital frames on sale for 50% off. We got him a digital keychain so he has pictures of our daughter and us and it was $14.99. THEN we had a $5 coupon so it only cost a little more then $10 with tax.

All in all, not a bad deal on everything, and still a wonderful meal with what looks like a VERY tasty cake to eat!!

It really can be done. REALLY! :)

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