Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday deals

Okay, first I should say that I bumped my monthly grocery budget up to $260 ($65/week). The reason I did that was because my groceries now include health and beauty items and cleaning (TP, deodorant etc etc). I spent well over $65 this week but I had money leftover from the last two weeks since we were out of town visiting family. I thought about putting that in my snowball, but decided to keep it in my grocery money for stockpiling. There were some good sales this week, but not great couponing on my part. I still saved really good too. I also went to three stores this week instead of two. Well, that's not true. I sent my husband to Cub Foods with a list so technically, I only went to two! :)

I just went to get my receipts and cannot find what happened to the Cub Foods or Aldi one. That's frustrating, usually I'm more organized then that!
Purple indicates instore sales or deals. 
Orange indicates my coupons. 

Well at Cub Foods, I remember most of what we bought.
3 lbs of Organic Braeburn Apples
*On sale for $2.xx
2 lbs of No Name bacon
*In store BOGO coupon
24 pack of Charmin toilet paper
*$5 in store coupon brought it to $7.xx
3 2-liters of soda
2 lbs of Jennie O ground turkey
*In store BOGO coupon

At Aldi, I spent about $22 but that included buying several items for a family member who is currently unemployed. I did take that out of my grocery budget though because I didn't want to mess up the rest of our budget.

Rainbow Foods
2 2-liter Pepsi
*In store coupon made them $0.87 each.
2 bottles of Jack Daniels B-B-Q sauce
*In store coupon made them $1.28 each
Sun Chips
*Free with Facebook coupon from several weeks ago
Kens Buttermilk Ranch
*On sale for $2.00
2 Campbells soups
Barilla Whole Grain Shells- FREE (I didn't see this until I got home!!)
*On sale for $0.67
*Coupon for $0.55 doubled to $1.10
Barilla Whole Grain Spagetti
*Coupon for $0.55 doubled to $1.10 making these $0.25
Edy's Ice Cream
*In store sale BOGO
~3 lbs bananas
Driscolls Strawberries
*In store sale for $1.88
Romaine Lettuce
*In store sale for $1.29
Boneless Chuck Roast
*In store meal deal. Purchase this and get:
-Free 5 lbs of potatoes
-Free 1 lb of carrots
-Free 24 Egg Dinner Rolls
1 gallon whole milk
*Free with cereal coupon from 2 weeks ago

Total Saved: $29.81

So, all in all this week I spent a little more then $80. Quite a bit more then I would usually spend but I got some deals I might usually pass up because I had that extra money leftover. One of these months, I'm going to do a pantry challenge. That will be a fun month to blog about!


  1. I actually went grocery shopping today. I wish we had a Aldi's they sound like they have great deals.

  2. They really do Roxanna. They are all their own store brand (for the most part) but I think that the majority of what they sell is comparable to other stores. There are a few things I will not buy there, like bananas, but most of their other produce is really good.

    The other thing about Aldi is that it REALLY differs from area to area. Some people I know say their Aldi is just disgusting and awful, but most people say it's pretty great!

  3. Christa,
    I just wanted you to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog & your recipes !! I'm trying to get the hang of using the coupons and saved $20 this week but I keep reading your blog and learning !! Thanks for the awesome job you are doing !!


  4. I'm just starting out in the couponing world, and I HEART Aldi. I love that they double coupons still when a lot of places give you grief for even using a coupon.

  5. Nichole,
    THANKS so much! I love to hear that.
    Good for you on the couponing. $20 is SO awesome! I love seeing that little "Amount Saved" at the bottom of my receipt! Do you hav ea store in your area that will double coupons? If you're not sure, check this website out: it has a pretty complete list of stores that will double from each state.

    Lacee: Your Aldi doubles coupons?? Our Aldi doesn't even have coupons because all of their stuff is store brand...well, for the most part. They sell Pringles and those little mini bags of premade muffins and stuff. Where do you find coupons for Aldi? I'd love to hear more about that!