Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just when I thought I was a good thrifty mama

You can be thrifty in most aspects of your life but sometimes you have that one aspect that throws you for a loop. That aspect for me? Without a doubt, my kiddo. I have no problems buying her good used clothes...let's face it, she grows SO fast and if they are in really good condition, it doesn't matter. But holidays? I might as well just give retailers access to my  bank account. I don't necessarily spoil her, I'm not nearly as crazy about it as some parents I know, but I have to admit, it's my downfall.

For Easter this year, I didn't have a budget for my daughters Easter basket and I went in with my debit card. M-I-S-T-A-K-E! I knew I was going to get her a baby doll and a sand pail with the goodies. Yup, I got those two items. And bathtub crayons, and bubbles, and juice boxes (we're just starting to introduce juice), and two little onsies for her baby doll, and some crackers and jelly beans and a little chocolate (oh yes, I let my 1.5 year old eat very limited candy). Oh, and don't forget the adorable little summer outfit and 3 pairs of socks. Oops.

It's hard being a thrifty mama sometimes. We judge ourselves for every little extra penny that doesn't need to be spent. The guilt at buying a new outfit as opposed to an old outfit, or some ridiculous chip dip that was set up as a sample at the grocery store (I swear, this didn't happen...NOT), or an unplanned restaurant trip can completely overwhelm us frugal mamas and we feel bad. But who are we feeling bad to? Just ourselves. Are our friends judging us? Usually not because few of our friends are as frugal as us. And even if they are, they know, deep down, they have those weak spots too.

You know what else is funny to me? That a lot of us frugal, thrifty mamas have the same weakness--our babies. Isn't that funny? Of course, some of us mamas have other weaknesses. It may be our hair cut is at that fancy salon instead of Cost Cutters, or maybe we just have to get that manicure every month. I guess I'm here to say that it's okay! It's okay to have a weakness where you spend the extra money. Just don't break yourself or let it get out of control. Most of us frugal mamas are on a tight budget so work that into your budget. If you know you're going to spend the extra money, work it in. Make it work. You need to allow yourself something. For me, I like to get nice things for my kiddo so I think I need to work in an "Olivia's Stuff" part to my budget so that when I see that oh-so-adorable outfit at Kohls, I know that I can buy it without the guilt.

So, tomorrow when my beautiful baby girl opens up her Easter basket and she kisses her doll and giggles over the bubbles, I'm going to tell myself, 'that's okay'.

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  1. I totally agree with you !! My daughters are my heart & i sometimes go overboard for what I buy them but hey... they grow so fast so it's OKAY !! I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog & I am trying SOOO hard to be frugal and I love your recipes and I plan on using them next week. Keep up the great work cause I know I am learning alot from you !!