Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the winners are.........

Holly and Kady!!!

Holly requested the blue diaper and Kady requested the purple...can't get much easier then that!

How exciting! Both of you mamas gave me your email addresses so I'll be contacting you. I will be sending the diapers out early next week.

I will have other fun giveaways in the future and as always will continue with Thrifty Tuesday recipes and tips, my menu and grocery lists and just the life of a stay at home mama tryin' to keep it thrifty and green and not lose my mind one day at a time!!

Note: I used to choose the winners which is a totally random generator. I put in the number of comments and had it choose two numbers which were based on the comments. Had it landed on one of my comments, I would have rechosen. These names were chosen completely randomly. 

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